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About Us

Q. Who is Reddy Ice?
With origins dating back to the early 1900s, Reddy Ice is the primary brand of our company and the leading branded ice product in the markets in which we compete.

Q. What is the difference between your product and the ice in my freezer at home?
A. Homemade ice is generally made from tap water and contains water impurities and even odors from foods stored in the freezer. That is why homemade ice is cloudy and sometimes has a “taste” to it.  Reddy Ice products are filtered and produced by the most exacting standards and sanitary conditions. It is tasteless, odorless and risk free … we guarantee it.

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Q. What products do you make?
A. Reddy Ice produces a wide array of products including cube, block, dry ice and even snow. Cubes are sold in bags varying in size from 5 lb. to 50 lb. Blocks are generally sold in sizes ranging from 10 lb. to 300 lb. Other forms of ice are sold on a per pound basis. All our products and packages are based on the needs and demands of the marketplace.

Q. Can ice carry bacteria?
A. Just like any other food, ice can contain bacteria. That is why it is important to consider the source of the ice you use.

Q. What manufacturing standards do you follow?
A. To ensure that our water source meets our quality standards, the water used to make our ice is often filtered for use in the ice-making process. We use low micron filtration, carbon filtration, water softeners, ozone generators and reverse osmosis as needed to achieve the proper water quality required to produce a clear product. All of our ice-manufacturing facilities are NSF inspected and certified by the International Packaged Ice Association.  This certification requires inspection of more than 50 areas of operations. Rigid adherence to these standards results in a clear, pure tasting product.

Q. What should I look for when buying packaged ice?
A. Ice should be clear in color as well as odorless and tasteless.  When purchasing ice, look for bags that are properly closed and secure (no drawstring ties). The bag should carry the manufacturer’s name and address. Also look for the International Packaged Ice Associaton (IPIA) symbol.

Q. What is dry ice?
A. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. It will keep perishable foods colder and longer than traditional ice. It is an excellent refrigerant for shipping, camping and bulk use. Unlike traditional ice that melts into water, dry ice turns into a gas appearing like fog or steam. As a result, dry ice is used for special effects in movies, television, concerts and other special events.

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