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Emergency Management

At Reddy Ice, we specialize in providing packaged ice in times of disaster. We understand ice products can become a necessity during such times. While providing comfort and relief, packaged ice is often a critical part of recovery efforts. Whether the need is a result of hurricanes, power outages, floods or other emergency situations, our team is prepared to assist with your ice needs. A centralized system links our network of production and distribution facilities that are able to move quickly to make ice available in the affected area. If you need ice for your Emergency Management solution, look to Reddy Ice for clean, food–quality packaged ice in times of disaster.

Services We Provide:

  • •  Safe, Consumable Packaged Ice
  • •  Network of 125 Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities
  • •  Capacity of 18,000 Tons of Ice Daily
  • •  Clean, Clear Packaged Ice Produced Under Rigid Standards
  • •  Centralized System and Contacts
  • •  Experienced Crisis Response Team

Unique Network of 125 Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities


Call 877-295-0024 to coordinate your emergency ice services.


  • Corporate Address:
    Reddy Ice Holdings, Inc.
    8750 North Central Expressway
    Suite 1800
    Dallas, Texas 75231


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