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Reddy Ice offers a wide range of ice products. Whether you need cubed, crushed or block ice, a variety of sizes are available. In addition, gourmet cubed ice and bottled water are available in some areas. 

Traditional Cubed Ice
The humble ice cube; we’ve thought a lot about it, so you don’t have to think about anything more than what size bag you’ll need. We’ve thought a lot about how to purify the water, how to make the cubes long lasting, what the perfect shape should be and how many pounds you’ll need to fill your picnic cooler. We’ve taken those thoughts and put them into action to bring you the best packaged ice available. No matter if you are cooling cocktails or preserving perishables, all you have to think is “Reddyice” for the right size bag of high quality ice to suit your specific needs.

Crystal Classic Cubes™
The new millennium has brought a change in how people eat and drink. The idea of “bigger is better” has given way to an enthusiasm for quality, wholesomeness and purity of taste. As more and more people become dedicated gourmets, Reddy Ice has foreseen the need for a superior quality ice to meet their specific demands. Crystal Classic Cubes™ is Reddy Ice’s incomparable beverage ice. Crystal Classic Cubes™ is made from the finest water, additionally filtered to remove all impurities, natural or manmade. When we say all impurities we do mean ALL. In Crystal Classic Cubes™ you will find no chlorine, no fluoride and no bacteria of any kind. We then freeze this water in an advanced process that eliminates any air from the forming cubes. The result is an ice that is slow to melt and that won’t water down or alter the quality of your beverage of choice. A gourmet taste requires a gourmet cube, and you can get it from Reddyice Crystal Classic Cubes™.

Not available in all areas

Block Ice
Before there were ice cubes there was block ice, and when you’ve been around as long as we have there’s not a lot about block ice we don’t know. We produce crystal clear, super dense, structurally solid slabs of pure ice in sizes ranging from 10 pounds to 300 pounds. Regardless if you need long lasting bulk cooling power or perfectly transparent sculpting material, our superior quality block ice is perfectly suited for your needs.

Not available in all areas

Dry Ice
When you require a cooling medium that can go the distance, Reddyice dry ice is perfect for the task. Dry ice is composed of frozen carbon dioxide at a temperature of minus 109 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives it the power to keep material colder and longer than block ice or cubes, with twice the cooling capacity per pound and three times the cooling capacity per volume. Melted dry ice transforms into a gas, which makes for no mess and no clean up. This distinctive melting process also produces a unique fog, which has long made dry ice a favorite for producing special effects for movies, the stage, and all manner of theatrical and special productions. When you have special cooling needs Reddyice dry ice has the answer.

Not available in all areas


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